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The Leprosy Mission

We have been working with the Leprosy Mission for over 3 years and in that period we have transformed their catalogues. Altogether we have produced 18 catalogues, including a ‘trade only’ publication.
Charities have to sell in very specific way, they have to compete commercially whilst reinforcing the key drivers behind the charity’s aims.
Our involvement has included training the marketing team to get the best from their catalogue production and a thorough review of their print production process. Simple things like redesigning the order form/cover sheet saved thousands of pounds in personalization costs.
We also made the catalogues sell harder and appear more commercially driven. We introduced product upsells, promoted special offers, crossells and also multibuys.
All this, combined with a more structured and sales-focused design has really improved catalogue performance.

Key activities: Catalogue design and production, print specification/management, mailing and post, training and marketing support.

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