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Lockhart Catering

A part of the Bunzl group, Lockhart is a major supplier of catering equipment to commercial caterers, restaurants and hotel groups.
The catalogue is a key part of their marketing strategy and is often looked upon as the ‘bible’ of catering supplies. It is a big catalogue and contains a vast array of products, from crockery to freezers.
We were approached to give the catalogue a complete revamp – it was a massive task. We didn’t just focus on the design and layout, but looked how the catalogue was used, printed and mailed. We recommended that the format of the catalogue change to give it a point of differentiation. We also looked at the paper and how it was printed and mailed.
Our result was a catalogue that work harder, sold more product, reduced mailing costs and reduced printing costs! Result!

Key activities: catalogue design, print specification/management, mailing and post.

We have worked with

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Lockhart Catalogue Client
Recognition Express Client
Anco Storage Catalogue Client
Leprosy Mission Catalogue Client

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