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Dalton Engineering

Based in very rural North Yorkshire, Dalton have been supplying chicken farmers, with a wide range of products, for over 30 years. They approached C4B with the feasibility of producing a catalogue to engage a wider audience.

The first issue was mailed in 2012 to great response from new and existing customers. It had the effect of introducing new products to existing customers, but also bringing Daltons expertise and products to businesses who had never heard of them. In short it did what a catalogue does best - proactive, intrusive marketing! Daltons have increased the size of the catalogue by introducing new ranges and responding to customer product request. It's been a real success and is now a key part of Daltons marketing.

In 2014 we also revamped the Dalton e-commerce website and developed a digital marketing and social media strategy. This works extremely well alongside the catalogue.

Key activities: Catalogue design, print specification/management, mailing and post.

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