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Northern Parrots on the radio

Northern Parrots on the radio

It’s always nice to hear some complimentary feedback from clients in regards to the work that we do and how it’s impacted their business. It’s especially nice when that feedback is broadcast to the nation via Radio 4.

Earlier this week one of our clients, Mike Taylor, who is Managing Director at Northern Parrots, was featured on You & Yours, the consumer affairs programme on BBC Radio 4.

Mike’s appearance on the programme was part of a feature looking at how catalogues can help niche businesses to grow. The programme discussed the content of the Northern Parrots catalogue and how it had grown from its original 8 page offering, distributed to a few customers that frequented Mike’s pet store, to the hundred plus page catalogue it has since become with a circulation of several thousand.

During the course of the feature, Mike waxed lyrical about the success of his catalogue and how it had progressed to its current format. Whilst Catalogues4Business wasn’t mentioned directly, it was certainly a feather in our cap to hear one of clients talking up the service that we provide to such a large audience.

Alongside Mike’s voice, Nick Lee, Professor of Marketing at Loughborough University also discussed the impact of catalogues on today’s consumer market. During the course of the discussion, Professor Lee touched upon the fact that catalogues perform in a way that Internet marketing simply isn’t able to do.

Many catalogues these days are influenced by magazines and sell products in an alternative way. It’s not simply a case of listing an item, displaying an image and stating a price. Catalogues are becoming far more aspirational in their approach, promoting the wider lifestyle associated with its products and driving people to the website to make a purchase as a consequence.

Electronic communications, such as text messages and emails often go to our mobile phones. Professor Lee felt that mobiles are generally regarded as quite personal to the owner and therefore marketing via that medium is almost seen as an intrusion. Catalogues on the other hand provide something of value, which makes consumers much more susceptible to their appeal.

Whilst the overall emphasis was on how niche brands can benefit from catalogues, the discussion also specifically mentioned brands such as IKEA, Net-A-Porter and ASOS. These are all big name brands, which put a lot of marketing weight on their catalogues, going to great lengths to display the aspirational appeal of their products to their target demographic.

So whilst Northern Parrots can certainly be considered a niche market, these brands are evidence that catalogues also heavily influence wider consumer markets.

It’s great to hear people talking about what we’ve known for so long; catalogues are not out-dated, catalogues are the future!

Ian Simpson MD of Catalogues 4 Business & Digital 4 Business

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